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East of Eden (a contemporary romance)

East of Eden - Lee Strauss Another fantastic book by Strauss. I really got hooked on the story these characters told. It was sweet and amazing seeing two similar lives from different times playing out on the pages in front of me. I wish we could have gotten a bit more of the lives of Eden’s mother living back in the 40’s. It was so very interesting, and I always thought that Strauss does a fabulous job giving us looks back into the past with her writing. You can tell she does her research and it shows.

I will admit that I didn't care much for Eden. How she could up and leave her husband to move her daughter back home to stay with a mother she obviously hasn't talked to in quite a while is beyond me. Her mother was so far gone, you'd think that Eden would have noticed by now. It is apparent that she hasn't talked to her in some time and to move her daughter and herself in without calling first? It is unheard of. Were there no phone calls back home that might have spurred some sort of thought that her mother wasn't well? I didn't get this character or her way of thinking. I had no connection.

But even though I didn't connect to her, I did connect to the storyline. I was enamored with the mystery surrounding her mom and dad. I eagerly read wanting to unearth their secrets. I was thoroughly pleased with what I found and how the whole story pieced together. And how her parent's story related to what Eden and Cade were going through.

A perfect read if you are seeking a read that is light and mysterious. I enjoyed it so much as I have all of Strauss' work. She is definitely an author I know will give me a read I am sure to love.